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Are you a designer, architect or just a person who loves to draw and create your own art? Then 3Draw is the perfect gadget for you to discover the world of drawing and illustration in a whole new way.

  • 3D printing pen
  • Handmade & freestanding masterpieces
  • Refillable
  • 9 different versions
  • Endless opportunities to create something new!


Create the world in front of you!

3Draw lets you create the most wonderful things! You can draw whatever you want - in the air! With 3Draw you can write, build your dream-castle or just draw wonderful accessories for your home. Explore the world of drawing like a 3D printer - there are no limits!

3Draw Pro 3Draw Quad

Draw, Draw, Draw

With 3Draw you can draw in the air and bring all your ideas to life! Just plug it in and start drawing the world in front of you as if you printed it with a 3D printer. Then let it cool off for about a minute and you have your own handmade, freestanding masterpiece in up to XY different colors.